We supply an different class of chemicals. CONTACT INSECTICIDES: - these chemicals are applied in such a way that an insect cannot avoid contact. The insect is either sprayed directly or walks through deposited spray.


SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDES: - Sap feeding insects are the particular target for these chemicals. Sprayed material is absorbed by the plant, entering the circulatory system. When the insect pierces the leaf cuticle and penetrates the sap stream, it withdraws poisoned fluid. Thus an aphid feeding on protected crops will inevitably suck up some insecticide.


 STOMACH INGESTION INSECTICIDES: - These compounds are sprayed over the crop foliage so that those pests with biting mouth parts, like flea beetles, caterpillars and weevils, eat a poisoned meal. These pests may also be affected by other insecticides if they consume sprayed plant material.


 FUMIGANT INSECTICIDES: - vapour given off by the insecticide is inhaled by the insect. Once the chemical has gained entrance it may exert its lethal action in a variety of ways. Fumigants are mainly used for soil treatment or in grain stores, where the chemical vapour can give optimum penetration


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