Animal and Stock Feeds

Amgro Agricultural Services supply a complete range of feeds available in expand, pellet, and mash forms:

Dairy starter and finisher feeds, Beef starter and finisher feeds, Pig rations, Poultry rations, Stud and calf conditioners, Beef, dairy, and pig concentrates, and Ostrich feeds. Better Blend also supplies a full range of raw materials, premixes, grains, and protein meals.


Veterinary Drugs and medicines

We procure and supply an extensive range of veterinary drugs, medicines, products and services to  meet the specialised need of veterinarians and farmers, from leading manufacturers.   Veterinary Vaccines and Veterinary injections are available in bulk suck as Duracare, Evactin, Evactin plus, Gentapar, Betapar, Calcipar, Calfex, Dexapar, Atrapar, Alergipar, Ampicillin, Deviplex, Rabies, Atropine Sulphate, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, Amoxycillin and Cloxacillin, Amikacin Sulphate, Pheniramine Maleate, Fish Feed Supplements, Aquatic Feed Supplements, Herbal Feed Supplements, Animal Feed Additives, Herbal Dietary Supplements, Animal Growth Promoters, Natural Immune Boosters, Animal Feed Supplements, Natural Feed Additives, Herbal Veterinary Medicines, Animal Health Medicines, Veterinary Capsules, Veterinary Tablets, Poultry Products, Poultry medicines and many more


Amgro Agricultural Services also focus on the breeding and supply of commercial animals and game in different sizes depending on the client’s specifications.


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